The Beginner Photography Podcast

456: David Enloe - Forget Likes, Get Clients: Can Your Photography Thrive Without Social Media?

March 19, 2024 Raymond Hatfield
The Beginner Photography Podcast
456: David Enloe - Forget Likes, Get Clients: Can Your Photography Thrive Without Social Media?
Show Notes

In today's episode of the podcast, I chat with San Francisco Family Photographer David Enloe about how stepping away from social media and focusing on personalized marketing strategies can elevate your photography business. You might discover unconventional yet effective techniques to grow your client base and appreciate the art of photography.

The Big Ideas:

  • Embrace Unconventional Marketing: Discover alternative paths to client engagement without social media; pop-up studios can work wonders.
  • Value Personal Space: Comfort in your marketing approach improves mental energy and creativity; social media isn't mandatory.
  • Focus on Quality Content: Strengthen your online presence with an excellent website and SEO; this attracts more genuine interest.
  • Build and Utilize Your Email List: Emails foster a personal connection with clients; free offers can lead to profitable relationships.

Best Practices:

  1. Pop-Up Success: Engage directly with potential clients at public events to build visibility and an email list. Personal interactions nurture business growth far better than a passive online presence.
  2. Social Media Strategy: Don't spread yourself thin across all platforms. Choose the ones you enjoy and focus on building quality interactions. Remember, it's about the value you offer, not the quantity of posts.
  3. Email over Social: For deeper connections and communication of your art's value, leverage email marketing. Greater personal space and open rates mean messages resonate more with potential clients.
  4. Embrace Email: Write engaging, educational, and non-salesy content to keep your audience interested and informed about your services.
  5. Photography Approach: Focus on capturing genuine moments and interactions. Offer free social media-sized downloads as a gateway to selling high-resolution images.
  6. Manual Mode: Overcome the fear of manual mode for better control and consistency in your photographs. Practice leads to competence and confidence.

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